Our Work

Through grassroots organizing led by affected immigrants, we fight and win immigrant justice campaigns with our members across nationality, faith, class, and immigration status. Our community organizing in Philadelphia builds power in immigrant communities to alter the power imbalance, organizes direct action campaigns, builds the individual and collective capacity of the immigrant community, and brings immigrant and ally communities together in solidarity to work for change.

NSM's Definition Of Immigrant Justice​

Immigrant justice is a process that begins by confronting the reality that the immigration system is not broken but works as designed–to keep white people in power and hoard resources by denying the humanity of Black and Brown people and treating them as less than human. Created out of white supremacy violence, it is designed to harm individuals, families, neighborhoods, and communities. Drawing from our faith traditions gives us a vision where all people can live free and safe in the community of their choice with access to the resources they need in order to flourish. NSM’s immigrant justice work supports its members to discover and build their power within to connect with others to transform oppressive systems into ones of liberation.

Our History

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As brothers and sisters, we treat everyone with profound honor and respect. We affirm the creative, active power of every individual to make our community and the world better.


We believe that we all have something to give and something to gain. When all are invited to the table, everyone benefits. In the spirit of mutual trust, we share as equals, learning from each other and growing as individuals.​


In an inclusive community, we find shared strength, power, and wisdom that allow us to realize our full potential. For this reason, we intentionally nurture relationships and invite all people to participate.​


Inspired by the legacy of people of faith who have joined together in creative, peaceful movements for social change, we confront violent structures and actions with bold compassion and courageous love. We draw on our collective courage and strength to stand up for the rights of all people, regardless of immigration status.

Let's stand together.

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We work to end injustices against immigrants regardless of immigration status!