Affected immigrants decide our goals and plan our strategy. Citizen allies support and accompany immigrants in the struggle.


We organize member congregations from diverse faith backgrounds who come together around shared faith values.

Spiritual Non-violence

Inspired by peaceful movements for social change, we confront violent structures with bold compassion and courageous love.


Recent Achievements

As part of the Philadelphia Family Unity Network coalition, New Sanctuary Movement successfully ended collaboration between all Philadelphia city officials and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the deportation wing of the federal government. Thanks to our hard-won victory, countless immigrant families in Philadelphia remain together and are safer from deportation.

New Sanctuary Movement’s Accompaniment Program builds multi-year relationships between our allied congregations and our members in deportation to keep families together. Through this intensive process, 13 members have beat their deportations!

After 554 in Sanctuary, Suyapa Reyes and her children have won their campaign and are free to leave Sanctuary!

Campaign Activity

We organize immigrants and allies to create justice for all, regardless of immigration status.
Check out our latest campaign actions below and read about our organizing model here.

Community Fund


The Community Fund for Bond and Legal Support joined bail & bond funds across the country to participate in 2019’s #FreeThePeopleDay on New Year’s Eve

Driver’s Licenses for All in PA

Defending Sanctuary Cities

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