Legal Report on Live Stop from Sheller Center at Temple Law

We are happy to have worked with the Sheller Center for Social Justice at the Temple University Beasley School of Law on a report about this devastating law entitled “Live Stop: A Law of Unintended Consequences.” As a result of months of legal research, the Sheller Center’s research clearly demonstrates that the Philadelphia Police Department exceeds the state law’s demand to “immobilize” cars by automatically towing them. They demonstrate that the Philadelphia police can legally change their local interpretation of this harmful state law. In addition, they proved that while the stated goal of Live Stop was to lower car insurance rates, that goal has not been achieved.

You can read the full report in English here and the Spanish version of the report here. You can also read the shorter fact sheet here in English and Spanish here in Spanish.

We thank the Sheller Center for their research and collaboration.