Launching the Second Year of the Promotores Program

This spring, NSM launched the second cohort of its rigorous year-long leadership development program. This year, we welcome four returning Promotores from last year’s cohort with two new exciting additions. All six of these incredible leaders are women, five are women of color and all are parents or grandparents They come from five different countries and will work collaboratively for the next year to merge the wisdoms of their experiences with NSM’s inter-faith, anti-racist organizing framework. These women defy the limits of white, western notions of who constitutes an organizer and, on a daily basis, exemplify how immigrant women of color have the visions and skills necessary for building a new world.¬†

Each Promotore will work on their own community engagement and outreach project while also acting at bridges of communication between NSM’s congregation and immigrant membership. Below, is a glimpse of where each of these fierce leaders will be concentrating their skills over the next 12 months..

  • Carmela will continue fighting for her freedom from Sanctuary by organizing with the National Sanctuary Collective.
  • Iris, a founding member of the Families United group that formed the Community Bond Fund 2018, will strengthen her skills as the recently appointed coordinator of this group.
  • Gloria and Bertha will continue their work from 2019 organizing, educating and mobilizing immigrant congregations in S. and N. Philly around PA’s recent E-Verify bill.
  • Maria will accompany our Co-Director Blanca in co-leading the Driving PA Forward state-wide campaign.
  • Lauren will continue leading a year-long anti-racist workshop series with twelve of NSM’s ally congregations.

* A note on language & gender inclusivity: Why are we using the “e” at the end of Promotores? The gender binary of male and female is perpetuated through the Spanish language’s o/a dichotomy. We use the “e” to acknowledge, educate and make space for the historical, current and future existence of all genders. As leaders of community education and mobilization, it is essential that the Promotores demonstrate the need to expand and support everyone’s process of unlearning gender oppression and taking real action to make communities spaces that defend everyone’s wholeness and dignity.