Public action to end 40 days of fasting, action, and prayer

At the end of the 40 days of action, fasting, and prayer, we held a public action and “break the fast” at member congregation Arch St UMC. The 125 people who fasted, and many more supporters, came together to eat, pray, share stories, and renew our commitment to the continued fight for immigrant justice.

As our 40 days of fasting Ends, we find a new beginning. In the last 40 Days, 13 congregations and over 125 people fasted, prayed and came together for collective action against local deportations and for just and humane immigration reform. We are not the same people, nor the same organization as when we started the 40 Days.

Even though the 40 Days of Action, Fasting and Prayer has ended, our commitment to keep fighting for a just and humane immigration reform and to end deportations in Philadelphia has been renewed with a deeper strength, determination and hope. The 40 Days was an opportunity to bring our souls together, an opportunity to explore what our faith asks us to do – to love one another without borders, without prejudice of skin color, background, language or legal status. Our faith traditions lead us to the 40 Days, and as we emerge from this journey, we continue to find our guidance here. Thank you to all who made this powerful journey possible!