About the Campaign

We are fighting for unmarked driver’s licenses, meaning a driver’s license that looks the same as Pennsylvania citizens. It is critical that the licenses are unmarked so that the driver is not immediately identifiable as undocumented, which could threaten their safety.

Immigrants help Pennsylvania grow economically, culturally, and socially by building businesses, working in critical economic sectors, paying taxes, and bringing life and culture to our communities. Providing unmarked driver’s license is critical to expanding opportunities for immigrants in Pennsylvania, as well as improving the safety and economy of all in the Commonwealth.

Sixteen states in the U.S. already provide driver’s licenses to undocumented people. We call on Pennsylvanian elected officials to follow the example of New York and Washington state to offer an unmarked driver’s licenses for all.

Driving PA Forward is organizing to win driver’s licenses for all by 2020. Many of its constituents have been working toward this legislation for years. But, the time for the final push is NOW. With New York and Oregon recently passing legislation to allow people to drive regardless of immigration status, we are shown yet again that organizing works. Help PA be a part of this national recognition of the need for driver’s licenses.

The top 10 reasons why NSM immigrant members chose to join the fight for driver’s license for all:

  1. Drive to work safely and without fear of deportation
  2. Take our kids to school and run errands quickly because we work long hours
  3. Access car insurance
  4. Follow the law by taking the driver’s test
  5. Be able to buy a new car
  6. Have identification that shows who we are
  7. If there is a car accident, feel unafraid to stay by the scene and not flee because of fear that contact with the police will lead to deportation
  8. Decrease racial profiling by police
  9. Learn the rules and responsibilities of having a driver’s license
  10. To be able to keep our cars instead of having them towed for driving without a license


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Our Coalition: Driving PA Forward


Driving PA Forward is a Pennsylvania-wide coalition organizing for driver’s licenses for all. Co-coordinated by NSM and the Movement of Immigrant Leaders in PA (MILPA), the Coalition now has 14 members across 13 counties as well as 60 (and growing) supporting organizations and institutions. We have regular meetings to discuss and implement strategy and build unity in Pennsylvania for driver’s licenses and immigrant power.


The Coalition prioritizes and values leadership from the immigrant community. We open our doors to any immigrant and allied community who wants to get involved because we believe strength lies in diversity.

The Coalition is committed to working with effective, accountable, transparent, and respectful communication. We share work, ideas, and opinions about each step of the campaign to make successful, strategic, and democratic decisions. We are committed to fulfilling all of our work goals because we know we work for all immigrant communities in Pennsylvania.

We support and include all communities regardless of race, country of origin, language, immigration status, social class, gender, age, or criminal history. We appreciate taking chances without fear of making mistakes and take responsibility and maintain open minds to learn from mistakes. We promote faith in the divine, in our communities, leaders and team work. We work with humility, integrity, commitment and responsibility to support  each other in a supportive, respectful, and inclusive manner.