What is Accompaniment?

Being alongside immigrants and their families as they attend immigration, criminal, traffic, and family court as well as ICE check ins.

Accompaniment is a strategy of accountability. Community presence in the court room serves to bear witness to the immigration system and enforce accountability from judges, lawyers and courts.

Accompaniment is a strategy of collective liberation. We recognize a responsibility to more deeply understand how institutions deny people humanity and dignity based on race, gender, ability, ethnicity and language in order to demand and make change.

Accompaniment is a strategy of activism. By being in court 3-5 times per week, we are able to track how policies and practices manifest on the ground and collaborate with human rights defenders locally and nationally to change immigration policy.

Accompaniment is faith in action. It is practicing an unwavering dedication to seeing the life and value intrinsic in every person. 

How it works.

NSM has a team of accompaniment volunteers who receive accompaniment alerts and show up to court when we receive a request from the immigrant community. The team is directed by NSM’s staff or long term trained volunteers. Dozens of immigrants call our office every month. The vast majority of immigrants learn about our Accompaniment Program through personal recommendations from family, neighbors, acquaintances made in line at the ICE office and fellow community members locked up in detention.

The process:

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I have never seen anything like that. I’ve never seen so much love…They’ve been with me all the way even until now

Thank you NSM. They’ve been with me all the way even until now

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