NSM is committed to fighting for the release of those inhumanely detained. In the summer of 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic, NSM and other local organizations launched a collaborative #ReleaseNotTransfer campaign after the York County Prison ended its contract with ICE and began transferring people to facilities in Florida and Texas. Out of the blue and seemingly at random, people were being sent thousands of miles away from their families, communities, and lawyers. NSM and local immigrant rights activists and organizations met with ICE officials, directed anti-transfer letters towards ICE, organized affected families to educate the media, and led an interfaith, multiracial, and immigrant-led campaign to demand the release of people. This collaborative and multi-faceted campaign forced the York Detention Center to release 100 people from detention instead of transferring them to other detention facilities.

As an organization, we continue to work collectively with other national and local immigrant justice organizations to fight for the release of detained members of our Philadelphia immigrant community. We are an active member of the National Bail Fund, which supports our efforts to help immigrant families cover the costs of bail. NSM is also at the forefront of local campaigns to free detained members of our community. In 2022, NSM successfully campaigned to free Mamadee, a W. African father, after he spent 2.5 years in detention. We raised funds for John's release, who fled Turkey so he did not have to fight and was held in detention in TX. In addition to helping both Mamadee and John reunite with their families, we also helped 7 other families with legal fees and 6 families pay bond.

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