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Becoming A Member

What does it mean for a congregation to become a member of the New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia?

The New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia is an interfaith, multicultural immigrant rights organization.  We welcome the participation of individuals and congregations who covenant with us to:

  • put faith into action
  • uphold values of hospitality, dignity, and justice for immigrants in our community
  • build a new community based on strong and mutually supportive personal relationships among diverse religious, ethnic, and cultural groups

Why should we become a member of the NSM coalition?
Perhaps most importantly, through NSM membership your congregation  will become a visible, prophetic witness and leader in our community by making an intentional public stand that declares your faithful commitment to “welcoming the stranger” in our midst.  

Your public affiliation with NSM connects you to a dynamic social justice movement and a diverse network of Philadelphia congregations and individuals among whom you will 

  • build personal relationships across faiths, ethnic groups, and cultures
  • interact and share ideas with experienced faith leaders and community organizers
  • access trainings and resources to equip your work for justice for immigrants
  • develop leadership skills that can be transferred to other contexts
  • become involved in decision-making about NSM programs and strategies
  • give and receive mutual support through prayer, action, and sharing of resources
  • put your faith into action on a local, regional, and national level
  • have the opportunity to accompany an immigrant families facing deportation
  • create a new, beloved community grounded in God’s vision for the world
NSM Member Congregations receive:
  • Connections to a wide range of advocacy organizations, community agencies, and faith networks working on many issues in support of immigrants and immigration justice
  • Regular updates and calls to action on important legislative and policy issues
  • Invitations to inspiring shared worship experiences hosted by member congregations
  • Access to NSM speakers at your congregation for travel costs only
  • Acknowledgment in the congregation listings in a special section of our website and on facebook, with a link to your own website or Facebook homepage
  • Opportunities for leadership and participation in program development and strategic planning to guide NSM
  • Opportunities to shape NSM’s future and vision by nominating congregation members for consideration as NSM Board members to direct the organization
We expect NSM Member Congregations to:
  • Provide visibility for immigration issues in general and for NSM in particular within your congregation
  • Participate in NSM’s programs for education, leadership development, advocacy, and accompaniment
  • Host other NSM congregations for a time of renewal and inspiration through shared worship in your own faith community’s tradition 
  • Invite other congregations and individuals to get to know about and take part in NSM
  • Designate at least two contact persons to act as liaisons to receive and distribute information from NSM to your congregation
  • Financially support the work of NSM with an annual contribution.  We understand that congregations have varying resources and suggest a range of $500 to $2500 per year which might come through a designated offering, a line item in your budget, or a special fundraising event.
  • We encourage NSM Member Congregations to form an action group within the formal structure of your congregation as a helpful way to keep issues of immigration justice alive and vital in your community, and as a way for your congregation to relate to the on-going work of the New Sanctuary Movement.   Our member congregations have developed a variety of models and can share ideas that can help you discern the best way to become active in your own context.

If you are considering membership and need more information please call us at (215) 279 – 7060 or email us at nsm@sanctuaryphiladelphia.org.

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