Freeing my husband had a deep impact on me. I felt stronger because the group gave me the strength and emotional support. I felt stronger with NSM. God has a plan for everything and the change for my family was a total transformation. For me the committee is a family of the heart.”

Martha, founding member of the Community Fund

The people working for the people

The only fund in Philadelphia directed by immigrant families and led completely by those personally impacted by detention.

  • Bonds Paid

    15 people liberated from detention and reunited with family

  • Legal Fees

    23 people assisted with legal fees

  • Total Money Raised

    $164,275 raised towards freedom


In spring of 2018, NSM organized a committee of twenty-five immigrant members who are part of Accompaniment. This committee – called Familias Unidas – launched NSM’s Community Fund for Bond and Legal Support. It is the only fund in the city to help immigrants get a family member out of detention or pay for legal fees. Leading by example, this fund proves the effectiveness of collective action. 

The seeds for the Community Fund began a
fter the election, when we experienced a dramatic spike in the number of people in our Accompaniment program. In 2018, we began organizing them. Maria conducted over 100 one-on-one meetings with immigrant families in Accompaniment and quickly 25 people decided to create something out of their common struggles. As the group named the different challenges they faced as immigrants of color, one of the biggest challenges was the financial strain caused by having a loved one in detention or fighting deportation. Bonds are set at $10-$15,000 and must be paid in full to get a family member out of detention and back home. Lawyer fees can be impossible to reach. Even the daily bills are hard to meet when a wage earner is in detention.

And, so the Community Fund was born. Out of love, out of struggle, out of community.

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Updates on the Community Fund: