Supporting immigrant & working class families

500 and counting. NSM continues to send stimulus checks to families who have been left out of federal and state relief. By donating here, you are donating directly to immigrant families.

No hoops to jump through, no paperwork to fill out, just money in people’s pocket.

Our immigrant communities, the poor, and the working class have always been left out of emergency aid, public relief, and rehabilitation programs. We will not stand by and allow history to repeat itself. The federal government refuses to protect our people, so organizers, advocates, educators & workers in Philly and beyond have united to provide this relief ourselves. Every penny donated here goes directly into the pockets of undocumented immigrants and poor or working class people of color who need relief now. 

NSM has completed more than 400 one-on-one conversations with immigrants since the beginning of lock down and has held discussions with dozens more through bi-weekly community meetings. Of the people we spoke with:

– Over 60% of immigrant families were eating and buying less food or in need of immediate free food
– 50% of households were entirely unemployed and 40% had only one household member still working
– 65% of respondents work in construction, restaurants or as cleaners – jobs that will continue to face reduced hours for months to come

The old normal was never enough for us. We refuse to go back to the old normal.

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This global pandemic has revealed to the greater public the structural inequality of day-to-day life that our people have long known and experienced on a daily basis. Therefore, NSM is doing more than providing immediate crisis relief. We are doing hundreds of follow up calls, reoccurring community meetings, ongoing Know Your Rights trainings for renters and workers, hiring long time community members to led outreach and education projects, and facilitating the emergence of a city-wide collective of 24 organizations working to put more immigrants in more positions of long term leadership and agency.

All of NSM’s COVID-19 responses are designed to respond to people’s immediate needs within a framework of building the relationships, leadership skills, cross-organization collaborations and creativity needed to construct long-term organizing that will strengthen immigrant communities beyond COVID-19’s initial crisis. The goal? To emerge from COVID-19 with immigrant communities organizing more powerfully than ever before.

Art by Monica Trinidad