Supporting Immigrant, Poor & Working Class Communities

Our immigrant communities, the poor, and the working class have always been left out of emergency aid, public relief, and rehabilitation programs. We will not stand by and allow history to repeat itself. The federal government refuses to protect our people, so organizers, advocates, educators & workers in Philly and beyond have united to provide this relief ourselves. Every penny donated here goes directly into the pockets of undocumented immigrants and poor or working class people of color who need relief now. 

Have you continued to earn a salary throughout quarantine? Will you receive a federal stimulus check but are already about to afford rent and provide food to your family? We challenge you to donate all or a portion of your check to families who need our help. This global pandemic has revealed to the greater public the structural inequality of day-to-day life that our people have long known and experienced on a daily basis. This moment is an opportunity to lean into and transform into a culture of all taking on the responsibility to defend the most marginalized among us.

The old normal was never enough for us. We refuse to go back to the old normal.

While we are providing this essential relief now, the overall message of this collective of immigrant organizations is that we are playing a role that should be the responsibility of an accountable, inclusive and effective government. Therefore, this fundraising effort is nested inside ongoing organizing campaigns to pressure local, state and federal government officials to do their job and protect all residents and workers from a global pandemic and its aftermath.

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Art by Monica Trinidad