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New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia (NSM) is an interfaith, multicultural immigrant justice organization working to build power, develop leadership, accompany families facing deportation and fight grassroots campaigns in order to change the balance of power and create a more welcoming and just city and country.


Community Organizer

for Accompaniment

We are hiring a bilingual (Spanish/English) organizer at 30 hours per week for NSM’s Accompaniment Program, which walks with people facing detention and deportation at each level - from inside the courtroom to fighting for structural change. We show up in court with NSM members to support families and push the immigration and other legal systems to be accountable to the immigrant community. For people in detention, members of Accompaniment formed Familias Unidas Committee. They raise funds to help families pay immigration bonds and legal representation through the Community Fund for Bond and Legal Support. Finally, we organize families in Accompaniment to fight grassroots campaigns to end detention.


For Campaigning

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We are trusted by our immigrant community.

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