Driver’s Licenses For All Updates: 2020-2021

NSM is one of the leading organizations working to pass legislation to allow everyone in PA to have a Driver’s License through the statewide coalition Driving PA Forward. Our goal is to organize and mobilize our base to pressure the PA Legislature to approve legislation that will allow access to a standard Driver’s License for everyone in the state, regardless of immigration status.

In 2020, despite the fact that we faced a global pandemic, we continued working and building. This lead to us:

So far in 2021, we have accomplished:

  • April 7th: The DL committee lead the action and with NSM membership collected 1600, we delivered them in person to legislators in Harrisburg.
  • NSM hired our Community Organizer Coumba Faye to add capacity to the campaign. 
  • May 25th: DPF organized a lobby and visited legislators- Since April 27th, HB-279 was introduced to the transportation committee. In the dynamic of urging Representatives to pass the bill, DPF organized a lobby day on May 25th. The coalition delivered over a thousand letters to legislators. NSM collected 881 letters for transportation committee members Tim Hennessy and Meghan Schroeder. Over 50 folks were at Harrisburg to meet with the State Representatives and ask for their support.
  • June 21st: We hosted a family and youth lobby day. We invited the youth to take action and express their experiences because we are convinced that no kid should worry about the risk of separation from their family anytime they take a ride with their parents. 
  •  August 11th 2021: We had a Public Hearing hosted by the Transportation committee. The DPF coalition brought around 10 speakers who testified in favor of HB-279. Among the testifiers were Deputy Secretary of PennDot and  the Deputy Secretary of the Department of Agriculture.

The DL committee meets virtually every other Thursday. We are working on growing this action committee until we win. Are you interested in learning more about this committee? Please contact our Community Organizer Coumba Faye by emailing her at