Driving PA Forward Coalition: updates & strategy

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The Driving PA Forward Coalition is systematically holding face-to-face meetings with prospective co-sponsors, as well as conducting education, advocacy, and voter mobilization campaigns in communities across the state. To win in our state, the campaign will need to build a strong coalition of organizations and nontraditional allies across sectors: immigration, labor, education, agriculture, religious and other key industries to Pennsylvania. 

As of our latest state-wide meeting in October, DPF is:
  • Organized in 13 counties
  • Met with 19 legislators: 17 Democrats & 2 Republicans
  • Successfully gained the support of institutions with strategic Republican followings, notably: the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference of Bishops and the Farmer’s Bureau of PA
  • Engaged more than 600 volunteers
  • 15 new letters of support in 2019 from businesses
  • Coordinated a research team to ensure the bill contains all necessary measures to protect undocumented immigrants from being further put at risk by acquiring a valid license

[cmsms_image align=”center” caption=”NSM staff at October′s statewide Coalition meeting” link=”http://www.sanctuaryphiladelphia.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/NSM-staff_DPF-statewide-meeting-Fall-2019.jpg” animation_delay=”0″]2850|http://www.sanctuaryphiladelphia.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/NSM-staff_DPF-statewide-meeting-Fall-2019-580×390.jpg|blog-masonry-thumb[/cmsms_image]


We are proud of these victories, and now is the time to build on them. The Coalition has identified the need for a dedicated paid staff member in order to the strategy that will lead us to victory by 2020. With our immigrant friends and neighbors constantly under attack and seeking a wide variety of help, we simply do not have the capacity to continue without additional support and resources.

This is where you come in: help us raise money to hire a statewide coordinator who will provide the final push of resources that organizers, educators, business leaders, and immigrant community members across the state need to win this campaign by 2020. Support driver’s licenses for all here.