Documentar ICE | Documenting ICE

Me Detuvo Sin Licencia | Stopped Without A License

ICE me detuvo en el auto? Cuales son mis derechos? 

No MIENTE no muestre documentos falsos

No PRETENDIR de ser una ciudadano


Si tiene el derecho de PERMANECER EN SILENCIO y de no contestar ninguna pregunts acerca de su historia criminal o migratoria.

Si tiene el derecho de preguntar quienes son los agentes y por que destuvieron el auto. “Son de la policia local? Son de la inmigracion? Por que me pararon?”

Si es el pasajero, tiene el derecho de no muestre su ID ni ofreza informacion personal. “No quiero mostrarle una identificacion ni contestar sus preguntas”

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ICE pulled over my car? What are MY RIGHTS?  

Do Not LIE or show false documents

Do Not CLAIM to be a U.S. Citizen

Do Not RUN

You DO have the right to REMAIN SILENT and do not answer questions about your criminal or immigration history.

You DO have the right to ASK QUESTIONS to find out who the officers are and why they stopped your car.  “Are you the police? Are you immigration? Why am I being stopped?”

If you are the PASSENGER, you DO have the right to REFUSE to give an ID or offer personal information. “I don’t give consent to give you ID or answer your questions”

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Remocion Acelerada | Accelerated Removal

Use el sigiente diagrama para evaluar el riego de una remocion alcelerada:

Use the following diagram to evaluate your risk of accelerated removal:

El Proceso del Asilo | The Asylum Process

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Materiales Para Organizar | Materials for Organizing


For You Were Once a Stranger – A congregational handbook that can be used by religious leaders as a resource study guide, immigration study and discussion circle with your peers, resource for organizing an event such as a round table discussion or day long conference.

What Part of Legal Immigration Don’t You Understand? – Opponents of illegal immigration are fond of telling foreigners to “get in line” before coming to work in America. This exercise shows what it actually looks like to get in line and how many years (or decades) it takes to get through.