Jamaican and Honduran Families take Sanctuary at FUMCOG

Refusing to be separated from their families, the Thompson and Reyes families entered Sanctuary today.  Surrounded by clergy, immigrants and allies, they send a bold message to ICE and the Trump Administration to stop taking away our loved ones, and to listen to the holy teachings to love your neighbor and welcome the stranger.

“Whether we are here for two days or two years, we are ready to fight to keep our family together.  We cannot understand laws that would take us away from our children. We believe in God and know that we will win.”  – Oneita and Clive

“I will do whatever it takes to keep my children with me and provide a better future for them.” – Suyapa

Oneita and Clive came here from Jamaica 15 years ago fleeing gang violence.  They have seven children, two of which are citizens.  They lost their asylum case and now face being separated them from their seven children.  They take Sanctuary with their two youngest.  Suyapa and her five children are from Honduras and came here four years ago fleeing violence.  They have also lost their asylum case, and enter Sanctuary with four of her five children.

They are only two examples of the millions of people who have been affected by the Trump Administration’s extremist anti-immigrant agenda.  Today, the Jamaican and Central American communities stand together to challenge these policies – showing this is a time we all need to stand together.

Stand with Oneita, Clive, Suyapa and their kids by signing their petition today. Click here to sign.

“We are in the Sanctuary together to offer God’s love in a time of inhospitality.” – Pastor Bob Coombe, FUMCOG

In taking Sanctuary, they step into a tradition thousands of years old that confronts immoral and unjust laws. FUMCOG – First United Methodist Church of Germantown – was part of the 80’s Sanctuary Movement.  In September 1984, they provided physical Sanctuary to a Guatemalan couple fleeing persecution and organized to change US policy.  Thirty-four years later – almost to the day – they again answer this sacred call in an urgent time.


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3. Keep an eye out for upcoming actions.
4. Write a letter showing your love and support to the families and mail them to the church.

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