Know Your Rights​

Know Your Rights trainings are part of NSM’s effort to take a comprehensive approach to inform immigrants of their legal and civil rights, provide the tools to defend those rights, and engage communities to address the root causes of immigration injustice. Our pieces of training utilize student-centered pedagogy, through which participants learn to equip themselves with the tool to share their knowledge with others. 

Worrying Does Not Empty Tomorrow Of Its Troubles, It Empties Today Of Its Strength.​

Know Your Rights

¿Qué hacer si un ser queridx es arrestadx? | What to do if a loved one is arrested?​

• Se puede buscar a alguien en el base de datos de ICE. Tenga en cuenta que normalmente la información de alguien tarda 24 horas hasta aparecer en el sistema.
• Call our office: (215) 279-7060
• You can look up your loved one in ICE’s database. Keep in mind that it can take 24 hours for people’s names to be inputted into the system:

¿Qué sucede si ICE llega a su lugar de trabajo?
| What happens if ICE comes to my workplace?

• Mantenga la calma. No corra. ICE puede usar eso para arrestarle.
• No tienen obligación de dejar entrar a ICE a menos que presenten una ORDEN JUDICIAL.
• NO LOS DEJEN PASAR si no tienen la orden a lugares privados
• Numero que puede llamar para ayuda:
• Justicia en el Trabajo al 800-729-1607
• PIRC, el Centro de Recursos para Inmigrantes en Pensilvania, la 717-600-8099
• Centro de Servicio de Nationalities (NSC) al 215-893-8400

In Any Case

• Stay calm. Do not run. ICE can use this as a reason to arrest you.
• You are NOT obligated to let ICE enter UNLESS they present a WARRANT SIGNED BY A JUDGE
• Do not let ICE enter if they do not have a warrant to enter private locations
• Numbers you can call for help:
• Justice At Work 800-729-1607
• PIRC, the Pennsylvania Immigrant Resource Center, 717-600-8099
• NSC, Nationalities Services Center, 215-893-8400

Más Recursos | More Resources Links

• NILC, National Immigration Law Center
• IDP, Immigrant Defense Project

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