48-hour deadline for Mayor Nutter to sign the “People’s Executive Order”!

On Wednesday, December 9, the PFUN coalition delivered the “People’s Executive Order” ending all collaboration between police and ICE with a 48-hour deadline to sign it. We will rally on the north east corner of Philadelphia City Hall on Friday, December 11 at 11 am to see if Mayor Nutter supports his constituents or deportations. New Sanctuary Movement leader Estela handed the “People’s Executive Order” to Mayor Nutter’s representative at City Hall.



The Executive Order No. 1-14, “Policy Regarding U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency Detainer Requests,” enacted on April 16, 2014 established Philadelphia as a national leader in the fight against deportations and unjust family separation.

This policy resulted in an increase in public safety, critical trust-building between immigrant communities and the City of Philadelphia, maintained family unity, and saved the City financial resources.

We believe that:

  • All people have the right to remain in their chosen communities, regardless of immigration status, economic status, country of origin, marital status, gender identity and history with the criminal legal system;

  • Deportations violate our moral, ethical, and faith values of honoring the justice and dignity of each individual;

  • Public safety is enhanced with increased trust between the City of Philadelphia and immigrant communities;

  • The City of Philadelphia is dedicated to expanding reentry programs for returning citizens based on values of redemption and second chances;

  • Cooperation with ICE directly facilitates the school to deportation pipeline by turning over juveniles to the criminal and deportation systems;

  • Collaboration between law enforcement and ICE is an issue that does not just affect people in the criminal system, but it affects victims who lose the ability to participate in their cases, families of those who are removed from their homes, employers who lose workers, and communities being devastated by the forced deportation of their leaders and their loved ones;

  • Leadership of immigrants, refugees and survivors of institutional, structural and interpersonal violence must be prioritized;

  • No one should be stigmatized or shamed because they are not deemed to be “deserving” of justice and redemption by a system that our communities did not create.

We, the People of Philadelphia, Resolve That the City Shall:

  1. Maintain Executive Order No. 1-14 in its current form, and no city official will cooperate with deportation requests from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE);

  2. Refuse to hold any citizen or non-citizen under any program without a judicial warrant that complies with due process requirements of the constitution;

  3. Enhance safety and conserve resources in city facilities by prohibiting ICE staff from using city property to detain and interrogate Philadelphia residents, including police stations, prisons and all other city property;

  4. Cease active data sharing with ICE, including ending ICE access to the Preliminary Arraignment Reporting System (PARS) and rejecting participation in Priorities Enforcement Program (PEP).

We call on Mayor Michael Nutter to fulfill his obligations by following the will of the people and signing The People’s Executive Order: Ending Collaboration Between Philadelphia Police and U.S. Customs and Enforcement.