2015 Press Coverage

12/29/2015: “Immigrant alies prepare for potential deportation raids”  MSNBC

12/29/2015: “2015: For every step forward, we took two back” Al Dia

12/29/2015: “Coalition gives Kenney 99 days to enact 8 progressive policies” Al Dia

12/22/2015: “Immigration activists compare Philadelphia mayor to Donald Trump” Metro, Josh Kruger

12/22/2015: “Its official: Nutter has signed a new policy on ICE Holds” Al Dia, Max Marin

12/12/205: “Grupos proimigrantes bloquean la entrada a la Alcaldia en Filadelfia” Univison 65

12/12/2015: “Immigration activists removed at City Hall” Philly.com

12/11/2015: “Inmigrantes se encadenan de brazos frente a City Hall”  Telemundo 62

12/11/2015: “Dozens protest Nutter’s Immigration proposal” CBS 3

12/11/2015: “Immigration Debate Leads to Removal of Protestors from City Hall” NBC 10

12/11/2015: “Protestors assail Nutter over change on city’s policy on immigrants” WHYY

12/11/2015: “Anti-deportation protest gets phsyical outside City Hall” Al Dia

12/9/2015: “In city of 1.5 million, Kenney begins helping one at a time,” WHYY

12/5/2015: “Philly cops leave undocumented woman, kids in street, take car” Philadelphia Inquirer

11/23/2015: “Groups Tell Philly mayor No Changes to ICE Hold Policy” Public News Service, Andrea Sears

11/20/2015: “Inmigrante gana batalla contra deportacion” Telemundo 62

11/20/2015: “Philly may drop ‘sanctuary’ city status” Metro, Sam Newhouse

11/17/2015: “So Nutter Administration wanted stakeholder input on ICE holds? They got it, clear & unequivocal” Al Dia

11/16/2015: “Pro-Immigration Groups Rally Against Nutter’s Proposal to Reverse “Sanctuary City” Policy” PhillyMag, Holly Otterbein

11/16/2015: “Immigrant groups protest over uncertain fate of ‘sanctuary’ Philly”mmigrant groups protest over uncertain fate of ‘sanctuary’ Philly” Al Dia, Max Marin

11/10/2015: “Video: Entrevista con Blanca Pacheco sobre decision migratoria” Telemundo 62

10/28/2015: “We are not a problem to this country. We are a solution,” Al Jazeera America

10/22/2015: “Religious Groups Mobilize to Promote Feminism and Faith”Religious Groups Mobilize to Promote Feminism and Faith” Truthout, Elanor J Bader

9/30/2015: “Philly Immigrants Praise Pope Francis’ Immigration Address” Al Dia, Max Marin

9/27/2015: “Madre inmigrante considera que la visita del papa logrará cambios migratorios”FOX News Latino

9/26/2015: “Immigration advocates in Philadelphia See Affirmation in Pope’s Visit,” Jason Horowitz, New York Times

9/26/2015: “In Philadelphia, Pope Francis offers words of strength and hope to nation’s immigrants,” Los Angeles Times

9/25/2015: “Fear, cost keep undocumented from health care,” Taunya English, WHYY The Pulse

9/24/2015: “In Philadelphia, a Honduran immigrant goes from the shadows to sanctuary,” Al Jazeera America

9/23/2015: “Immigration Reform 2015: Can Pope Francis’ US Visit Shift Debate on Immigrants?” Brianna Lee, International Business Times

9/15/2015: “Art Installation To Welcome Pope Francis To Philadelphia” Marisa Peñaloza, NPR

9/10/2015: “Singing for the Pope is about more than music” Michael Matza, Philadelphia Inquirer

9/1/2015: “Chaput backs ‘birthright citizenship,’ jabs Trump,” Michael Matza, Philadelphia Inquirer

8/15/2015 “Pope dedicated to defending migrants,” Michael Matza, Philadelphia Inquirer

8/12/2015: Hondureño celebra que le hayan concedido asilo en EUA La Prensa Honduras

7/30/2015 “Kenney and activists slam ‘Donald Trump’ immiigration bill” Philly.com

7/29/2015: “Nuestra prioridad es nuestra comunidad y la constitucion” #Not1more

7/29/2015: “Community Based Healing not Unconstitutional Rollbacks” #Not1more

7/29/2015: “Philadelphia’s Immigrant Community Stands Up to Bill Punishing Sanctuary Cities” Cherri Gregg, CBS Local

7/29/2015: “Kenney blasts congressional legislation aimedat ‘sanctuary cities'” John Kopp, PhillyVoice

7/29/2015: “Kenney, activists decry ‘inflammatory rhetoric’ of immigration debate” Brian Hickey, Ninetynine via Newsworks.org

7/29/2015: “Immigration advocates, joined by Kenney, protest against so-called Donald Trump Bill Philadelphia Citypaper, Josh Kruger

7/29/2015 “Kenney stand with immigration activists against ‘Donald Trump Act'”  Al Dia  

7/29/2015 “Kenney stands by Philadelphia’s ‘sanctuary city’ status” Philly.com

7/29/2015 “Kenney to speak in favor of Philly’s ‘sanctuary city’ status” Phillyvoice.com

7/29/2015 “Kenney Vows to Keep “Sanctuary City” Status” Phillymag.com

7/28/2015 “Non-cooperation is good governing” Al Dia

7/23/2015: “They’re people too: Supporters praise bill allowing undocumented immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses,” Penn Live Patriot News, Christian Alexandersen

7/23/2015: “Dan un paso adelante inmigrantes indocumentados,” Telemundo 62

7/22/2015: “New bill could give undocumented immigrants licenses,” ABC 27

6/18/2015: “Rallies across Pennsylvania calling for immigrants to receive driver’s licenses,” Fox43

6/18/2015: “Movement underway to allow undocumented immigrants to drive in PA,” KYW/CBS, Kim Glovas

6/15/2015: “State-wide day in support of driver’s licenses for undocumented Pennsylvanians,” Al Dia, Ana Gamboa

6/17/2015: “Undocumented immigrants fight for driver’s licenses in Pennsylvania,” Newsworks, Waleed Shahid

6/10/2015: “Intentan detener deportacion de hondureno,” Telemundo

6/10/2015: “Honduran man facing deportation has two days to make his case,” Max Marin, Al Dia

5/28/2015: “Appeals Court upholds ruling that keeps immigrants leaving in fear,” Al Dia

5/27/2015: “Alzan la voz por los inmigrantes indocumentados en Filadelfia,” Telemundo 62

5/8/2015: “17 co-sponsors support licenses for undocumented immigrants,” Arturo Varela, Al Dia

4/20/2015: “Lideres comunitarios abogan por modificar derechos a inmigrantes,” Telemundo 62

4/18/2015: “Driver’s licenses: The next immigrant justice victory for Pennsylvania,” Op-ed in Al Dia by member Celia Mota

3/24/2015: “Religious leaders seek relief for immigrants living in churches to avoid deportation,” Huffington Post

3/23/2015: “Coalitions support licenses for undocumented immigrants,” Al Dia News

2/26/2015: “National tour brings hope to immigrants in Sanctuary,” Al Dia News

2/21/2015: “Inmigrantes en Santuario se apoyan contra la deportacion,” Diario la Prensa Honduras

1/20/2015  “Sunlight for immigrant after two months in sanctuary [photos]” Bastian Slaabers, Newsworks WHYY

1/20/2015: “Churches open their doors to undocumented immigrants,” RT America

1/17/2015 “Immigrant Mom Leaves Philly Church After Winning Reprieve to Stay in U.S.,” NBC 10 Philadelphia

1/16/2015 “Hondureña que se refugió en iglesia evita ser deportada de EUA,” Diario la Prensa Honduras

1/16/2015 “Officials Halt Deportation Of Undocumented Immigrant Who Hid In A Church For 58 Days,” Esther Lee, Think Progress

1/16/2015: “Honduran Mother Living In Philadelphia Church Wins Reprieve From Deportation,” Dan Kelly, Huffington Post

1/16/2015: “Obama Administration Delays Deportation For Honduran Mother Living In A Philadelphia Church,” John Stanton, Buzzfeed

1/15/2015: “Immigrant wins reprieve, ends deportation in Phila church,” Michael Matza, Philadelphia Inquirer

1/15/2015: “Woman taking Sanctuary in Philadelphia church has deportation order overturned,” Newsworks WHYY