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Featured Articles

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Southwest Globe Time, August 11th, 2021: AFRICOM and The Pennsylvania Immigration & Citizenship Coalition”

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Philadelphia Inquirer, March 5, 2021: “Churches Protected Dozens of Families Under Trum. Now That They’re Leaving, Is Sanctuary Over?”

Rolling Stone, July 22, 2020: “The Faces of Deportation: One year. Six families. Dozens of lives disrupted by the Trump administration’s punitive and unpredictable immigration policies”

DemocracyNOW!, April 6, 2020: “Honduran Mother Celebrates Freedom After 554 Days in Sanctuary at Philadelphia Church” 

Univision 65, March 5, 2020: Hondureña refugiada en iglesia en Filadelfia no será deportada.

Philadelphia Inquirer, September 5, 2018: “Two more immigrant families take church sanctuary in Philly”

WHYY, September 5, 2018: “Two more families choose sanctuary in a Philly church over separation, deportation”

Vice, July 27, 2016: “Philly’s Fight to Stay a Sanctuary City”

The Nation, July 18 2016: “Sanctuary cities are some of the few havens for undocumented immigrants”

Washington Post, May 30 2016: “Philadelphia has a hotline for undocumented immigrants facing raids,”

Philadelphia Inquirer, January 5 2016: “Kenney restores ‘sanctuary city’ status”

MSNBC, December 29, 2015: Immigrant allies prepare for potential deportation raids” 

New York Times, September, 26, 2015: Immigration advocates in Philadelphia See Affirmation in Pope’s Visit

Philadelphia Inquirer, September 10, 2015: Singing for the Pope is about more than music

Huffington Post, January 16, 2015: Honduran Mother Living In Philadelphia Church Wins Reprieve From Deportation

PRI The World, December 24, 2014: This immigrant mom has found refuge from US authorities in a Philadelphia church

USA Today, November 21, 2014: [VIDEO] Angela Navarro in Sanctuary

Democracy Now, April 17, 2014: Philadelphia Bars Transfer of Undocumented Immigrants Without Federal Warrants

Al Jazeera America, March 27, 2014: Undocumented entrepreneurs: No social security number, owning a business