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Our Committees

Through grassroots organizing led by affected immigrants, we fight and win immigrant justice campaigns with our members across nationality, faith, class, and immigration status. Our community organizing in Philadelphia builds power in immigrant communities to alter the power imbalance, organizes direct action campaigns, builds the individual and collective capacity of the immigrant community, and brings immigrant and ally communities together in solidarity to work for change. 

Our programs and campaigns have intentionally built working committees to work towards our goals. NSM is intentionally composed of immigrant and ally communities. Immigrants decide our campaigns and tactics, and allies support in solidarity to get the work done. We want to ensure immigrant voices and talents are at the forefront of our campaigns, strategies, and tactics to win immigrant justice for all. Are you interested in joining any of our committees? Please reach out to the staff in charge following the information below.

Accompaniment Committee

The committee comprises citizens' allies and different immigrant communities working to support their friends and neighbors dealing with immigration issues. The goal of this committee is to engage volunteers to help with particular casework, help and show up to actions and support us to coordinate volunteers when we need to show up to courts or ICE check-ins.

Are you interested in joining this committee? Please send us a text message to our accompaniment line so we can orient you on a one-on-one conversation. (267) 225-8816.

Familias Unidas

This committee is composed of an immigrant majority. In the spring of 2018, NSM invited 100 immigrant families who were part of our accompaniment program for a listening session. Out of that meeting was born the idea of building a community fund to support people who were facing deportation. Twenty five out of the one hundred families decided to build the Familias Unidas committee to work on building the structure and next steps. After couple meetings NSM launched the community fund for bond and legal support. It is the only fund in the city to help immigrants get a family member out of detention or pay for legal fees. Leading by example, this fund proves the effectiveness of collective action.

The committee meets regularly to hear needs, and financial reports and plan events to continue feeding the fund. Will you like to join? Please call Iris Rivera at (215) 279-7060

Testimony “Freeing my husband had a deep impact on me. I felt stronger because the group gave me strength and emotional support. I felt stronger with NSM. God has a plan for everything, and the change for my family was a total transformation. For me, the committee is a family of the heart.”

Driver License Committee

This committee is composed both with citizen allies and immigrant communities. This committee helps NSM implement a statewide work plan and strategy to push the state legislature to pass Driver’s Licenses for all Legislation. The participants of this committee help NSM staff represent the community's interests, join us in advocacy days, and actions to push the legislation to passage. Are you interested in joining this committee? Please call our Organizers Coumba Faye for English and French language and Maria Chavez for Spanish and English. (215) 279-7060

Immigration Reform Committee

This committee guides our campaigns for federal campaigns for immigration reform. They evaluate federal legislation, inform strategy, implement tactics, and make key decisions about strategy and whether we support legislation. Made up of our Indonesian and Caribbean members, this committee activates when there is a campaign pushing for legislation in Congress.

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