Our Impact

At the local level, NSM organizes our communities to fight for the closure of local detention centers and to fight for the release of those inhumanely detained. In 2022, our anti-detention efforts successfully campaigned to free Mamadee, a West African father who spent 2.5 years in detention; raised funds for John's release, a conscientious objector from Turkey who was held in detention in TX; and helped 7 other families with legal fees and 6 families pay bond.

At the state level, NSM is a lead organization in the statewide coalition, Driving PA Forward, which is working to win driver’s licenses for all in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The right to mobility is a gateway to other fundamental needs — to work, education, health care, accessible housing, etc. — so NSM is proud to fight for the passage of a law that contributes to safer and fairer communities.

And lastly, at the federal level, NSM is fighting for the passage of comprehensive immigration reform. We are doubling down on our base-building efforts inside of Philadelphia and surrounding counties to build up a local people-powered movement strong enough to pressure politicians on both sides of the aisle to pass comprehensive immigration reform in the coming years.

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We work to end injustices against immigrants regardless of immigration status!