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NSM’s core membership is composed of 33 congregations located throughout Philadelphia and collar counties. Our broader membership is made up of immigrants and allies. Of our 14,500 members, 60% are women or gender-nonconforming people, and 61% of the congregation membership is people of color. We work with Latinx communities in North Philadelphia, the Indonesian community of South Philadelphia, Afro-Caribbean folks in West Philadelphia, the African-diasporic community in Upper Darby, and allies throughout the city and state. 95% of the people who use our services are undocumented and the majority of our immigrant members work as cleaners, in food-related industries, construction, childcare, in factories, or are unemployed. Many of our immigrant members have faced food and housing insecurity, are immigrant single mothers, and have had someone close to them be deported or held in ICE facilities.


New members become involved with NSM through a systematized process. The majority of people learn about NSM through local congregations, word of mouth and casework. Our member engagement process is as follows: ​

1) Organizers work to identify and recruit members 

2) New members are invited to NSM events and actions, where we continue to build relationships

3) Members are then invited to join our Immigrant Leadership Development Program

4) Upon graduation, members are invited to join a working committee.

NSM continues to support new members in their leadership development through one-on-ones, political education programming, skill-building workshops, and immersion in NSM’s faith-rooted and anti-racist grassroots organizing model. We encourage participants to bring their new knowledge and skills to their communities.

35% of the people our Accompaniment Program assists are immigrant single mothers of color and 60% are women, 88% of NSM’s education and leadership program participants are women, and 71% of NSM’s community organizers are immigrant women of color from the Latinx and Afro-Caribbean communities.

While our programs and services are not exclusively for women, immigrant women of color are NSM’s main leaders, organizers, and members. The immigrant mothers and grandmothers who are NSM’s core organizers and leaders allow NSM to build strong, multigenerational immigrant communities rooted in mutual growth and committed to an intersectional movement culture.

Through their connections to congregation, family, and community networks, they identify campaigns, create our organizing strategy, connect NSM with different immigrant communities in Philadelphia, and mobilize the immigrant community to fight for policies that serve their communities.


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We work to end injustices against immigrants regardless of immigration status!