Bertha, one of the Promotores of New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia

Promotores: Leadership Development Program

Developing Leaders, Building Power

Building strong leaders is the long-haul work of changing the balance of power. It is one of the most important things we do at NSM and is at the center of all our work. Two of our three staff, and one of our Board Co-Chairs, came up as members. We want to expand that success and are launching a new leadership development program that will develop organizers. It will have four phases to cover the different areas of organizing.

A central part of this will be the Promotores, or community liaisons. Twelve members from four different communities will begin a year long program in January. They will work 10 hours a week on campaigns as they learn how to organize with workshops, personal mentorship and group reflection.

Bertha is one of the Promotores. From Honduras, she is part of our Familias Unidas committee and helped start NSM’s Community Fund for Bond and Legal Support.

“I have been involved with the Community Fund and what most impacts me is the collaboration of people. If we don’t work together, we don’t move forward. That’s why I am part of NSM’s Promotores program. I want to learn more about how to mobilize more people, build new leaders. My hope is to bring more people together to bring more change, to change the laws and help more people.”


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