#SaveAsylum: Local Template For Public Comments

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Click the button above to access a customizable locally oriented template for your comment. HERE are comments we recorded from Philadelphia asylum seekers themselves: copy & paste sections to strengthen your comment!

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Claudio Martinez

On June 15, 2020, the Trump administration published proposals to fundamentally change our asylum system, denying protection to the vast majority of survivors of persecution who seek safety in the U.S.

According to The National Immigrant Justice Center, the proposed rule would:
  • Ban all claims to asylum arising out of gender-based harm, affecting countless women and LGBTQ asylum seekers fleeing horrific violence;
  • Ban all claims to asylum arising out of gang violence and recruitment, despite an internationally recognized crisis that has propelled Central American nations to war-level murder rates due to gang violence;
  • Ensure fast-track deportation for asylum seekers by drastically raising the burden they face to prove their claims in their initial interviews;
  • Annihilate claims of well-founded fear of future persecution by including a perverse requirement that applicants show direct failure of their government to intervene;
  • Breach confidentiality requirements that enable asylum seekers to safely disclose their fears and the violence they suffered to asylum officers and judges, likely chilling countless people from sharing their stories.

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WE HAVE UNTIL JULY 15 to speak out against these changes by submitting PUBLIC COMMENTS, as individuals and organizations.

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*Note: You do NOT have to be a citizen to submit comments, and you can submit anonymously or someone else can submit on your behalf.  BUT NOTE that the name you type will appear in the public record, and any other optional contact information you submit is going directly to the government. See this blog for more information.

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