Sign a letter of support!

Do you live in Pennsylvania and want driver’s licenses for all? We need support from people throughout Pennsylvania! You can help by writing a letter to Representatives Taylor and Keller, the Chair and Minority Chair of the House of Representatives Transportation Committee. They have the power to move House Bill 1648, unmarked driver’s licenses for all in Pennsylvania.

Our goal is to receive 1000 letters in support of driver’s licenses for all by May 31, 2015. You can use the below letter as a template and email it to Make sure to include why this issue is important to you as a Pennsylvanian!

Want to help out even more? Ask your friends, family, and neighbors to write letters in support of driver’s licenses! Here’s a downloadable version of the letter in Indonesian and here’s a version in Spanish!

Dear Representatives Keller and Taylor:
As a person of faith and Pennsylvania resident, I am writing to ask for your support of Pennsylvania HB 1648 which will provide driver’s licenses to all undocumented Pennsylvanians.
I support driver’s licenses for all because
I hope I can count on your support for this important legislation.