Supreme Court blocks DAPA: Immigrant leaders respond

Supreme Court announces 4-4 decision, Immigrant leaders respond

June 23, 2016 – Today we weep over the Supreme Court’s disastrous  4-4 decision against President Obama’s Executive Order on immigration. Because of the Supreme Court tie, the decision of the lower court, which was negative, will be upheld. If it had passed, it would have protected an estimated 4-5 million people from deportation and given them the ability to work legally.

Announced in November 2014, the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) and extended Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA+) programs would have helped undocumented parents of US citizen or permanent resident children and more undocumented people who arrived in the US before age 16.

The announcement of DAPA and DACA+ was a major victory for the millions of immigrants and their allies who have fought tirelessly for years against President Obama’s mass deportations and police-ICE collaboration, and for the fundamental right to be with their families. Time and again, the federal government has devastated immigrant families, but we will continue to fight for all immigrants without exception and for laws that respect the dignity of every individual and family.

Importantly, this terrible ruling does not block the original DACA program.  If you have the original DACA, you are not affected by this ruling, and you can still apply to the original DACA if you qualify. Click here to learn more. 

While we come together to process this failure of justice today,  tomorrow we continue the fight – steeped in our community and our faith.  With the federal government refusing to provide any solutions while it continues to increase deportation enforcement, it is even more critical we continue to organize against immigration raids with Sanctuary in the Streets and for driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants in PA.

Immigrant leaders respond to the ruling:

“This decision is very disappointing to hear.  It is so sad – it’s the little hope we had and it has now been taken away from us.”
– Stevanie Theresia, Philadelphia Praise Center

“I feel very so frustrated. I had hope in the Supreme Court, that they would decide in our favor.  But even though this is very hard for the immigrant community, we stay strong and keep working locally to win changes in our city and state.”
– Estela Hernandez, Visitation BVM

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