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Join our Sustainer Campaign to help us raise the funds we need to create a people-powered movement for a more inclusive democracy! You can commit yourself to give as little as $5/month or as much as $500/month. We appreciate all donors equally.

Sustainer Campaign 2022

What is a Sustainer Campaign?​

A Sustainer Campaign is a fundraising campaign that tries to gain donors who commit themselves to donate once a month or quarterly to support our cause.

Most nonprofits rely on sustainers to provide a steady source of income throughout the year. While one-time donations are always appreciated, recurring donations are better able to help us budget throughout the year because it is a more reliable source of income that we can count on each month.

NSM Impact:

NSM History

Immigrant justice is a process that begins by confronting the reality that the immigration system is not broken, but works as designed--to keep white people in power and hoard resources by denying the humanity of Black and Brown people and treating them as less than human. Created out of white supremacy violence, it is designed to harm individuals, families, neighborhoods, and communities.

Building A People Powered Movement!

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NSM History

Support The Driver's Licenses Bill

TAKE ACTION: We need 100 businesses to sign on and support driver's licenses for all. Are you a business owner? Or do you know a local Chamber of Commerce? Help us sign up 100 businesses as a supporter of HB279, Driving PA forward, and support a bill that will help to protect all our families.

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