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NSM is one of the lead organizations in the statewide coalition Driving PA Forward. Together with the coalition, we build statewide strategy which includes education to the general community, legislators and supporters with the goal to get enough support to pass the community bill HB-279. NSM as a grassroots organization also focuses on mobilizing, educating and engaging our own base. Through our Driver’s Licenses committee, member congregations, friends, and the statewide Clergy Committee, we implement action which varies from educational events, speaking at faith congregations, letter writing campaigns, call your legislator campaigns, rallies, lobby days at Harrisburg and meetings with key legislators

NSM is focusing on collecting Community Letters directed to Representative Cutler, as he is the speaker of the house. Our goal is to educate him, show there is community support and engage him so he brings HB-279 to a general vote after the full Transportation committee votes yes and approves our bill. We will deliver the letters directly to the Representative when we go to Harrisburg on our lobby days. Open the letter here, print it, write your own message and send it to New Sanctuary Movement

NOTE: After writing the letter, please DO NOT send it to the legislator directly, send it to NSM with attention to Coumba Faye. Find our address below. Please direct letters to Coumba Faye at 2601 Potter Street, Philadelphia, PA 19135. Para una versión de la carta en español, accesala aqui. Interfaith Letters to All Legislators. Our Interfaith committee is composed of faith leaders from different denominations and parts of Pennsylvania. We are planning a Clergy Action day at the beginning of 2022. If you are part of the clergy, please write a letter of support. Open the Interfaith Letter here, print it, write your own message and send it to New Sanctuary Movement.


Our actions may change from time to time depending on which legislative targets we are focusing our pressure on. If you have questions or need guidance please contact our Community Organizer Coumba Faye: Email: coumba@sanctuaryphiladelphia.org Cell Phone: (267) 670-9801

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Donate your time – help us organize and implement action to win!: Are you part of the ally or immigrant community and want to help? Join the NSM Driver’s Licenses Committee – we meet virtually every other Thursday at 5:30pm. Are you clergy or have connections with clergy? Join our Coalition’s Interfaith Committee – we meet virtually every other Thursday at noon. Do you need more information before taking action. Necesita mas información para tomar acción? Please contact our Community Organizers- Por favor contacte a nuestras organizadoras. Coumba Faye – for help in English and French languages Email: coumba@sanctuaryphiladelphia.org Cell Phone: (267) 670-9801 Maria Chavez – para ayuda en lenguaje Español e Inglés Email: mariac@sanctuaryphiladelphia.org Cell Phone: (267) 401-9959

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